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Ideal outlook? Unreal…Moral decoupage? Duh.

Automatic Photo Scanner

I’ve also printed a few words about this in my other blog. The boss’ friend had visited looking for an automatic photo scanner to rent. Unfortunately, all we had is our old flatbed scanner. It’s good, but it’s not automatic. You have to manually do all things, even the configurations had to be set each time a new material is put in for scanning (especially if its dimension differs from the last one).

Well, google is everyone’s friend, at least for now. Who knows, a new friend might come along in some very foreseeable future. Bing? So, there’s this site which url I sent to his secretary so they could take a look at it. Renting one is out of the question. They may have to buy one. The site is Site recommends a few select pieces of equipment that are more or less automatic. Takes the pain out of scanning a multitude of pictures and documents.

So, there you go. If you, reader, happens to be looking for an automatic photo scanner, that’s the best site I have found so far. Of course, you could always browse through all sites of manufacturers of automatic photo scanners.


Backlinks Work

This is just a very short post about my very first first-hand experience with the power of a backlink – a backlink from a high PR site.

You see, I’ve got this website of mine which I think I have mentioned in a previous post – the Brainwave-Entrainment site. It normally gets only 1 or 2, views a day, sometimes none at all, this site being very small with only a few pages in it. This site is the very first one I’ve formally set up as a hobby. I set it up in a free hosting company called I decided to create this site as a practice site as I have just began to learn how wonderful it is to create website pages using PHP, thanks to its very generous makers for giving it free.

So, long story short, imagine my surprise when one day, I checked the stats and found that there were around 167 people on my site yesterday! Remember I have gotten used to 1 or 2! So, naturally I got curious and went hunting for the ‘culprit’ who caused all this ‘chaos’. The site – some sort of unofficial Apple website! Turns out that one of their writers have linked my website to a keyword (‘isochronic tones’) he used in his article. I still can’t imagine how he got a hold of my url because out of tens of thousands of sites related to ‘isochronic tones’, he found one very obscure site and chose for a link in his article. From google’s page rank checker, I got another surprise of my life. is PR 8!!!

So you see, what I’ve read in seo websites about quality backlinks turned out to be amazingly true, at least for me. The thing about this is that it took absolutely no effort on my part to get that one big backlink. Just plain old miracle.

Thus, lesson 1: Quality backlinks work bigtime!

The downside about this is that I’ve learned another lesson in website building. Remember that my website if hosted free by And the name is Meaning, the domain name is not my own! The backlink power gained by the website is regretfully not mine to keep. Imagine if 000webhost should go bankrupt tomorrow, or just simply pulls out my website without any reason at all. I’d end with nothing.

Thus, lesson 2: Get your own domain name!

Now, go!

BTW, let me take this opportunity to thank Victor Agreda, Jr., the author who wrote that article, A fistful of apps: WideNoise, Labyrinth 3D, Penalized, Pure Sleep, Army Knife, which contained the link to my site.

Brainwave Entrainment

I got myself introduced into brainwave entrainment technology 4 years ago after I stumbled upon some yahoo groups that got themselves crazy over a new technology that they say makes meditations and mind clearing seem easy and fast.

So I dived into it and got some considerable results. But like most things that I do, after the few months of enjoying it, I sorta got tired and searched again for something new. Anyway, if you don’t know it yet, brainwave entrainment is the process where your current state of mind gets changed into the state intended by some stimulus that you get exposed to. The stimulus usually is a repetitive tone that are either presented through headphones (especially if it is the binaural type) or through speakers (if its of the isochronic type). Brainwave entrainment can also be achieved via visual stimulus e.g. repetitive flashing on and off of a light source at regular intervals.

My brush with brainwave entrainment was good. I experience some mind states like the kind where you feel like you are floating over some mist and I also especially can not forget the one where I felt like everything was so peaceful and a smile on my face formed after I realized the fact and the smile and the feeling persisted throughout the whole session.

Anyway, if you want to know more about brainwave entrainment, what it is, what it can do to you, etc. you can google it. You’ll find millions of sites offering you information, .e.g. Binaural-Isochronic and www.

Hello Universe!

You’ve finally stumbled unto ‘Moral deCoupage‘. Welcome!

de⋅cou⋅page [dey-koo-pahzh] : the art or technique of decorating something with cut-outs of anything but usually of flat material over which varnish or lacquer is applied.

For lack of new ideas, I just decided to write out of whatever stream of thought comes at the moment. For lack of a title, I just editted the default hello world title here into Hello Universe! Who knows, there just might be some world/worlds out there we don’t have a clue yet about for now. Besides, some meditators always say about spreading love to the whole universe, not just around the third planet.

I also stumbled upon wordpress today while surfing the huge wild waves of the internet. When an enticing sign up button presented itself, I kind of just allowed myself to yield to the temptation. Thus, here I am.

I have not very much familiarized myself with the ins and outs of wordpress, but I realized that you can not display ads here for quite some time yet. I have no idea when ‘in the future’ comes, as written in the terms of use. Well, I’m new to the blogging world anyway. I am certain I have a lot of work to do building up some experience and expertise before I should begin to think of monetization.

Now, as the stream of thought seemed to about drip its last drop, I thus end my very first post in ‘Moral deCoupage’. What’s ‘moral decoupage’ anyway? I think I came up with that because it sounded fresh and probably the word combination is its first in history. Any way, some part of my real name is in that phrase. And, lastly, this site is not about morals.